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Old 01-12-2010, 02:06 PM
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Default Setting Up Your Brand New (Virgin) Sonivcview Receiver With Ihub

1.Connect your receiver to tv.
2.Load this file below first 245 for Premier,209 for Elite, 462 for 8000HD, posted on July 9 according to your model via USB,let receiver reboot then turn OFF receiver.
All 3 of the July 09.2009 files.
3.Connect Dongle/Ihub, internet and satellite dish cable to receiver.Good idea to reset router first.
4.Power up receiver.
5.Setup user settings.More settings will need to be set after loading latest file for receiver.
-----Setup dish settings and scan satellites and save settings.
-----In user options set all SID options to ON.Not all Sonicviews have the same options to set.
-----Set your local time.
6.Download and run Wiznet Tool,download and extract 1.9 from zip folder.Click links below for the Wiznet tool and 1.9 Ihub files. (Do not try and down load the wiznnet to your memory stick, its downloaded and run via computer to your Ihub).
Wiznet Tool Loader.
Ihub 1.9 file.
7.Run Wiznet Tool.
-----Click search tab.
-----Look at version in top left corner.It should show 1.4 or 1.9.You should also see IP's listed in the Wiznet Tool fields.
If it shows 1.4 click the upload tab on Wiznet Tool.
-----Find the extracted 1.9 file and click open.Wait until downloading complete and close all windows with Wiznet Tool.
-----Re open Wiznet Tool and click search.
-----You should now see 1.9 in the version box.If not hard boot receiver and close and reopen Wiznet tool again then click search.
8.Download latest file for your receiver.Click below.
Sonicview 360 Premier
Sonicview 360 Elite
Sonicview 8000HD
9.Extract file to USB and safely remove USB from pc.
-----Download file into receiver and reboot when complete.
10.Go into receiver menu and go to ipconfig
-----Enter Ihub serial number located on top of Ihub.Look closely letters and numbers are small.
-----Use the PVR control buttons
---------rewind button=A
---------play button=B
---------fast forward button=C
---------stop button=D
---------frame forward button=E
---------pause button=F
-----After setting serial number highlight Apply an click OK.(Don’t exit or it won’t save you must click apply)
-----Reboot after this to make sure ipconfig had been successfully applied.
-----After reboot you should see a message saying " Network Adapter Connect " on tv screen.
11.Go to MENU / SETTINGS/USER OPTIONS set SID options to ON / USED PRIORITY set to IHub or Both you may not have this option.Don't worry.
12.Reboot after this to make sure all changed had been successfully applied.
-----Have your receiver on cnl 200 or 300 and be patient, we’ve seen reports of picture popping up within 30 min.Normally should only take a few seconds.
13.Watch tv.

Once your Ihub is working do not change any settings/ip's in ipconfig menu or Wiznet Tool fields EVER unless instructed to do so.
As a precaution please refrain from pulling IHub off or plugging it in while SV powered up.

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