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Old 02-11-2011, 05:20 AM
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Default LNB selection for sat 101????

Hi folks,
What I am still confused about do I really have the proper LNB for DTV on 101.
I brought an extra subbed DTV box to the Dominican Republic. I have it aimed at 101W with a 6ft dish. This is the only SAT I’m interested in cause the DTV channels on 110 and 119 are mostly locals and “spot beamed” and 101 is needed for activation etc. In the STATES, I have signal on all but one of the 32 required transponders with a normal 3 LNB standard def Slimline. In the DR, I’m only using one LNB. It’s the same one I used for hitting 119 with the old Viewsat.
I am getting a good signal (between 65% and 95%) on ALL the ODD transponders, however I am only getting signal on two of the EVEN transponders. ( TP2 and TP10). All the rest of the EVEN transponders are ZERO. I tried swapping out different LNB’s I had laying around and the only difference was I lost one of the two even TP’s .
I am not lazy and have searched and searched cyber world trying to find answers. I have also done the “test voltage check” because the box switches between 13 and 18 volts (even odd TP’s). Voltage switching works. What I am still confused about do I really have the proper LNB for DTV on 101. Thanks for your help!!
Da Botemon
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