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Old 02-06-2011, 07:18 AM
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Default rq-echo-client, rqcs client for dn ird's and cardsharing...for all cardsharing stb's

well i guess this is in the right spot..if any one is testing cardsharing this is the program that will be used and supported..with team N3XT

rq-echo-client, rqcs client for dn ird's and cardsharing...for all cardsharing stb's---not for IKS stb's
client cardsharing-----------------------------------------

2009-02-21 v1.00
- First public release. rq-echo-client is a multi-platform client that enables
Echostar IRD's (such as the ones used by DN & BEV) to be used as a softcam or
card sharing client. To work, it requires a standard emu board connected to the
serial port of a supported device.

[QUOTE] - The supported platforms are:
Windows PC, Linux PC (x86), thats captiveworks
Dreambox (all models
--PPC & MIPS), Triple Dragon and DGStation Boxes (Relook, Mutant, CubeCafe).

- Supports all types of nagra card initialization procedures. This means that it
will work with all ird's you have marrying info for, regardless of the type of
card it expects (i.e. ROM 102, 103, S0X, 142, 180, 240, 241).[/

- Supports dual tuners (for ird's that have them).

- Can connect to softcam or card sharing servers. For now, only the Newcamd
protocol is supported, more to be added later.

- Supports both N2 and N3 (selected in the configuration file).

- All necessary cam/ird info and tiers is read from a provided CAM image (bn102
file), but custom tiers can also be added through the configuration file.

- Review rq-echo-client.conf for additional configuration options.

- IMPORTANT! - I have provided a sample CAM image file with the public numbers
and current tiers that will work on DN. I could not provide a similar CAM image
for BEV, you'll have to create one yourself if you intend to use it on that.
Also, even the provided image won't work forever, i suggest you create your own
image with the best tiers for you, there are several public tools to do this.
I will post some at the homepage.

- IMPORTANT! - As of this release, maxmel boards won't work with N3! (1, 2 or
3-chip) , this is due to the reduced buffer size of the 2313 Atmel chips used
in these boards. i might rewrite the firmware for these in the future to
support it, but in the meantime, and ironically, only those old AVR boards with
the Atmel 8515 chip work fine as they have much more buffer space, so you'll
have to use one of those if you intend to use it for N3 BEV.

- File descriptions:
- rq-echo-client-readme.txt - This file.
- rq-echo-client.ppc - Binary for PowerPC boxes (Dreambox DM500, DM600,
DM7000, DM7020, Triple Dragon and DGStation boxes).
- rq-echo-client.mips - Binary for MIPS boxes (Dreambox DM800HD and DM8000HD).
- rq-echo-client.x86 - Binary for Linux i386 PC's.
- rq-echo-client.exe - Binary for Windows (WIN32).
- rq-echo-client.conf - Configuration file. All versions.
- cam-0101.bn102 - Sample CAM image for DN, current tiers and working as of
this release.



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